The One That Got Away

Many of us have someone from our past who we regret letting go, or they were perfect, but the timing was off. We think about them being absent from our lives, and how we feel about them. It plagues us every now and then. Thinking about the- what if’s. First, let’s be real: Odds are…

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I Love My Partner, But Not Their Kids

One challenge that many step parents face but most will not admit is that they aren’t fond of their step kids. They love their partner but they find themselves tested by the behavior of their step kids. In fact, not knowing how to deal with stepchildren can be a major cause of stress and strain, which eventually may lead to divorce or a break-up.

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On Again, Off Again Relationships

Oh yes, the off-again and on-again relationship. We’ve all been there, seen our friends and family there, or watched celebrity couples like Rhianna and Chris Brown tumble down that road. We live in the age of logging onto Facebook one week and seeing “___ is in a relationship” and the next weekend seeing that same person’s profile update with “____ is single”. Before we know it, they’re right back in a relationship — with that same person!

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emotional baggage

Dealing With Your Partner’s Emotional Baggage

Chances are, unless you have led an unusually blessed existence, you have emotional baggage—and most of your prospective partners will, too, once you enter into the world of adult relationships. This baggage can take many forms: Childhood abuse or neglect, abuse or heartbreak at the hands of a former partner, or even extreme circumstances such as past addictions or jail time.

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I Love You But I’m No Longer In Love With You

“I love but am no longer in love with you”. A sentence that usually spells the end of a relationship. A lot of people use this phrase as their “Get Out of a Relationship” card but what does it actually mean? It’s almost the equivalent of “It’s not you, it’s me” which is a way of saying that you shouldn’t feel so bad that the relationship is over because it has nothing to do with you. I just happen to dislike you enough that I’m willing to take responsibility so I can just end this relationship. Ugh!

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I’m in Love With a Narcissist

Are you in love with a person who is neurotic about their self- image? Are they consumed with their needs to the exclusion of all others? Do you feel you can do nothing right in their eyes no matter what extent you go to please them? You can fall in love with a narcissist very…

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After the Affair

My friend never quite understood what prompted his father to seek out another woman. All these years being with his mother, he always thought they had a perfect family, or as close to perfect as it could get. He would often see other kids at school talk about how their parents were divorced and he could never imagine such a thing happening to his family. It was unthinkable. But I guess you never know what can happen until it happens…

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My Partner Speaks Fluent Passive-Aggressive

In a relationship being passive aggressive is bound to cause more problems than it solves, if for nothing else, because this process and tends to talk around the problem instead of about it. So in this blog I’ll talk about it, how to recognize it and most importantly how to deal with passive aggressive behavior or not…

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Mind games

Relationship Mind Games

As you well know, when it comes to relationships, men and women play several mind games. As with any game, the objective is to try to “win” so mind games are all about control. Both men and women participate, even though both sexes admit that they are tired of playing games, it’s part of dance we do to gain some sort of upper hand in relationships…

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The Power of the Side Chick

As long as there have been monogamous relationships, there have been unfaithful partners and the people they cheat with, and in this case, the side-chick. The whole idea of a side-chick is that she is supposed to be an escape from his reality. So what power does the side-chick have? Well, plenty…

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